Genre Gig Poster

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I chose the genre of Henri de Taoulouse-Lautrec who became famous as the bohemian artist of the Moulin Rouge. He captured the spirit and emotion of the belle époque, the “beautiful era” in Paris, through his posters and prints.
He used screen printing and lithographs to reproduce his posters so they had a posterized look to them with big shapes and hand drawn type. His usual colors were yellows, orange, red and black. talous14.png , talous 7.png , and talous1.png .
My subject was Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell, two of my favorite Canadian musicians and poets from the 60’s who have endured and have written songs about each other. They met at the Miraposa Folk Festival and had a short relationship. I wanted to encapsulate that time in a poster from the Folk Festival where they met. I thought the “beautiful era” genre fit that time as well. I found this photo of them together from that festival lc-joni-mitchell.gif . The font that I used was IQFONT because of how it matched the hand written look.

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